Michael D. Becker Photography | Pricing

Sure, pricing (or "investment" as some photographers like to call it...) is an important consideration, but let's face it - photography is a very relationship-oriented business.  Whether you are a bride, model, corporate executive, or other individual looking for a portrait or event photographer, you need to feel comfortable working with the person that you ultimately hire.  Equally important, you want to hire someone who can create images that meet your requirements.  Accordingly, please contact me directly so that we can begin discussing the goals, objectives, and budget of your photo session.  I will then produce a tailored pricing package that fits your needs and we'll get to know each other a little better.

Some factors to consider when hiring a photographer:

  • Camera equipment
  • Lighting equipment
  • Computer equipment
  • Image editing software
  • Education and experience
  • Data storage and back-ups
  • Studio space and/or location fees
  • Transportation costs
  • Office rent and expenses
  • Promotion and website costs
  • Telephone and internet services
  • Income and sales tax
  • Business insurance