Michael D. Becker Photography | Artist Statement

As a professional photographer and retoucher specializing in commercial, portraiture, and special event genres, the images that I capture are designed to provide insight into a subject’s life, surroundings, interests and unique character, rather than merely producing a likeness of their physical features.  This is accomplished through a combination of light, color, location, and pose.

I am inspired and influenced by cinematic or fine art work, which I often attempt to incorporate into my images as I feel it helps further provoke thought and evoke emotion from the viewer.  I am also drawn to the contrast of light and dark along with the use of bold, rich colors, which are prevalent in my work.  While I may utilize strobes and artificial light, it is a natural look that I am after.

I use photography to encounter new people, explore new places, and discover new opportunities.  Some of my images offer familiar settings or relatable subjects, while others incorporate slightly abstract or surreal elements.