Michael Becker and Humphrey 3/19/18Lorie and Michael Becker - date nightMichael Becker receiving chemotherapy at MSKCC on 2/27/18Michael Becker, a panelist during session on "Right To Try" during Rare Disease Week on Capitol HillHumphrey at the Garden of Reflection 9-11 Memorial 2/20/18Individual get well cards from Lorie's class following my brief hospital stayMichael and Lorie Becker at MSKCC 2/9/18Michael Becker at MSKCC with neutropenia and the flu 2/8/18Robin Roberts, anchor of ABC's Good Morning America w/ Michael and Lorie Becker at BioNJ event (photo by Christine Monahan)Michael and Lorie Becker getting ready to head out to BioNJ event 2/1/18Updated headshot 2/5/18On the train to NYC for treatment 1/30/18Jan 2018 - Michael Becker and David G. Pfister, MDJan 2018 - Michael and Lorie Becker in the chemo suite at MSKCCIV through the hand; arm veins, which were great before cancer, are now hard and difficult to accessLorie and HumphreyMichael and Megan Becker in the chemo suite at MSKCC for first treatment of 2018Michael Becker in the chemo suite at MSKCC 1/2/18Lorie and Michael Becker in the chemo suite at MSKCCMichael Becker playing with puppy (not Humphrey)