Father's Day 2017 with daughters Megan (L) and Rosie (R)Being interviewed by Anita Oh for CBSTug-of-war with new puppy HumphreyCuddle before bed with HumphreyFamily portrait taken for Mother's Day 2017Infusion bag for experimental M7824Xray images of Michael Becker's chestMichael Becker with 7-wk old golden retrieverMichael Becker receiving IV infusion w/ M7824 on 5/16/17Memoir book cover - "A Walk with Purpose" by Michael BeckerMichael Becker working on laptop at NIH on 4/15/17Diagram showing a pleural effusionMichael Becker receiving IV infusion w/ M7824 on 4/4/17Michael & Lorie Becker at NIH for infusion of M7824Lorie & Michael Becker in front of cherry blossomsMichael Becker recovering from lung biopsyCT scan of lungs; target for biopsy with two linesCaught sleeping on Amtrak train ride home by Lorie on 2/21/17Michael Becker receiving IV infusion w/ M7824Receiving 2nd infusion of M7824 at NIH on 2/8/17