Fashion and Other Magazine Targets for Photographers

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Are you a photographer interested in making it through the door of a top fashion magazine?  If so, then you might share my frustration with the lack of resources available for photographers to efficiently identify and connect with publications that accept submissions.

Professional portrait and fashion photographer Lindsay Adler has a great listing of fashion magazines on her website (click here to view), but it was posted back in March 2010.  Unfortunately, there appears to be a fair amount of turnover in the publishing world.  As a result, some of the magazines listed have closed while other new entrants are missing.

Another good resource is, which lists various fashion and photography magazines along with their website address and a brief description. also displays the submission guidelines for some magazines, but not all of the ones listed.  This makes it laborious to click on each magazine’s description to see whether or not there are submission guidelines and/or contact information.  (note: The website is apparently hosted by and the domain name expired on 5/28/14 and is pending renewal or deletion.)

Accordingly, I compiled my own list of 50 fashion and other magazine targets that currently accept editorial submissions from photographers.  In putting together my list, I focused on outlets that would be good targets for newer fashion photographers – although the list is certainly relevant for more established photographers as well.

The publications are listed in alphabetical order and the website for each one is hyperlinked making it easy to connect.  Each of the 50 fashion magazines has a section on their website clearly outlining the process for submitting images (I've checked them all...).  In many cases, the magazine also lists the themes for future issues to help photographers understand exactly what concepts/images would be of interest to them.  The listing of 50 magazine targets is available as a PDF document and can be freely downloaded/viewed by clicking here.

With so many fashion magazines to consider, how do you prioritize where to submit photographs to maximize your exposure?  For print publications, you could review their paid circulation to determine which outlets have the largest audience.  Most print publications have a resource on their website for prospective advertisers that contains such information.

However, many of the listed magazines have gone digital and only offer print copies using on-demand services, such as MagCloud.  As a crude proxy for the audience or reach of such magazines, I also included the approximate current number of fans for each publication’s Facebook© page in my listing.  While it may be appealing to target outlets like V Magazine with over one million Facebook fans (gulp!), keep in mind that some of the smaller outlets can be a great starting place for newer fashion photographers.

Lastly, although fashion photographers are associated with high paychecks and glamorous lifestyles, it is worth noting that none of the 50 fashion magazines in the list that I compiled offer any form of payment for unsolicited submissions.  This isn’t necessary a bad thing, as the exposure gained by having your work appear in these outlets could help launch a career as a fashion or commercial photographer.

I hope that my fellow photographers find this list of 50 magazine targets to be a valuable resource and wish each of you the best with future submissions!  If you have any feedback or comments, please leave them in the comment section below.


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